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Svitlana Syzranova

Forgiveness of 50% of the membership fee for Ukrainian students

Based on the decision of the TUKE Management:
The student councils of TUKE student dormitories forgive Ukrainian students who are
accommodated in our dormitories 50% of membership fees for the use of services in the summer semester.
The procedure is as follows:
1. Ukrainian student who has already paid the membership fee to the civil association:

If a Ukrainian student has already paid the membership fee for the summer semester, he must
contact the Student Council at his dormitory via email until 3/31/2022. Emails must state:

b) Name and surname
c) Block and room
d) Variable symbol (VS) from the civil association application
e) Account number (IBAN) to which the amount is to be refunded
Contacts to the relevant Student Councils:
 ŠR Jedlíkova 5 – srjedlikova5@gmail.com
 ŠR Jedlíkova 9 – rada.jedlikova9@gmail.com
 ŠR Jedlíkova 13 – matus.surmaj@intrak.sk
 ŠR Boženy Nemcovej – internat.bozenka@gmail.com
 ŠR Ferka Urbánka – studentskarada.fu@gmail.com
 SŘ Rampová 7 – internatr7@gmail.com
 ŠR Budovateľská – 13 and 31 – pcklub13@gmail.com
2. Ukrainian student who has not yet paid the membership fee for the civil association

If a Ukrainian student has not yet paid the membership fee for the summer semester
and is interested in using the services, it is necessary to do so by the deadline set by the
student council.
a) Košice dormitories – € 13.50
b) Prešov dormitories – € 11.50

The gyms are open in normal mode

The gyms are open in normal mode.

If you have any question, please contact these people:


Tomorrow(23.02.2022) planned work will be carried out to cut down trees near the entrance to the dormitory Jedlikova 13. Please do not park your cars in front of the entire to the dormitory in order to avoid unexpected situations

Internet connection outage

On Saturday 21th approximately between 7:00am and 08:00pm we expect internet connectivity outage in computer network. This outage will be due to planned network maintenance.

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