Jedlíkova 13
Student council

Student council

The Student Council Jedlíkova 13 (ŠRJ13) is one of the smallest student organizations of TUKE in Košice. It represents students before the TUKE management and supports their sport, cultural and other interests. Every year ŠRJ13 organizes events for students, such as spring cleaning, sports evening, discos. ŠRJ13 also cooperates with other student organizations in creating cultural events, especially with the Student Council of Jedlíkova 9 and the Student Council of Jedlíkova 5.One of the main activities of ŠRJ13 is to supervise the smooth running of the Student Council. We try to beautify and modernize the building and the surroundings of the ŠD. In cooperation with the management of ŠDJ13 we supervise safety and help in solving problems.

Statutes of ŠRJ13


Head of Student council (ŠR J13):

Michal Gabonai

Members of Student council (ŠR J13):

Kateryna Yazlovitska

Vladyslava Asanova

Dávid Gorlický

Yehor Verhun

Ivan Tkachenko


Information about payment – OZ ŠR J13

Bank account 3038264056
Bank code 0200
IBAN SK1402000000003038264056
Beneficiary’s name Študentská rada Jedlíkova 13
Payment 27 €
Variable symbol automatic generated by system – see on registration paper to OZ ŠR J13
Address Študentská rada Jedlíkova 13, Jedlíkova 13, 040 11 Košice
Information for beneficiary name and surname, ZS (for winter semester or LS for summer semester)

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