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Operating Rules of the Network

Operating Rules of the Network

By signing the Agreement of using the Network the User agrees to being familiar with this document (Operating Rules of PCKlub network) and operating rules of network SANET. The User also agrees to respect these documents.

  1. For purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply:
    1. The Network: computer network in dormitories Jedlíkova 5, 9, 13, Boženy Nemcovej, Ferka Urbánka, Rampová, Budovateľská 13 and 31 including its technical and software resources (moving and fixed cabling, sockets, switches, access points…)
    2. A server: computer running in the Network providing its resources to users and is managed by PCKlub
    3. User: User of the Network is everyone entitled to use its resources (via cable connection, Wi-Fi or user account on the Alf server)
  2. The User is fully responsible for every action of his computer on the Network, his account on the Alf server and all material lent by PCKlub.
  3. The User has right to:
    1. Fully use all network services granted by the Agreement of using the Network
    2. In case of failure related to network report it using automated system and demand its repair during office hours
    3. Raise questions regarding operation of the Network to PCKlub
    4. To be informed about causes of outages or shutdowns of the Network no later than 48 hours from fixing the outage/shutdown
    5. Attend public part of PCKlub meetings
    6. Change entries of MAC address and name of computer given in the Agreement of using the Network through userpanel
  4. The User must not:
    1. Change IP address given by PCKlub (using DHCP) or MAC address to other than registered by PCKlub
    2. Use a static IP address
    3. Intervene with Network installation and connect devices not approved by PCKlub
    4. Damage any part of the Network
    5. Long-term overload the link out of local network intentionally or unintentionally using floods, DoS attacks, aggressive P2P clients, torrents, computer viruses
    6. Act in a way that restricts or bothers other users of the Network
    7. Bypass the quota system
    8. Spread illegal data or do anything that might lead to prosecution
    9. In any way get the information about other users from other sources, than from the users themselves
    10. Use or spread the software, which might cause damage of the Network, PCs connected to the Network or its data
    11. Use or spread the software, which in any way disturbs the privacy or safety of other users
    12. Use the Network for commercial activities or advertisement
    13. Give access to the Network to third party (e.g. use NAT(router) for connection of another computer, create a hotspot)
    14. Connect any wireless network to the dormitory network or provide access to the dormitory network as well as out of it, with use of a wireless network
    15. Use or any form of virtualization tools with connection to the internet (using NAT or bridge)
  5. It’s mandatory for user to:
    1. Follow the information shared to the websites and
    2. Inform PCKlub after changing the configuration of the PC related to the Network (e.g. exchange of the network card)
    3. Consult bigger transfer of data outside of local network with PCKlub
    4. Refund in full extent the damages he made with his acting on the property for which PCKlub is responsible
    5. If it’s required, allow to the member of PCKlub access to the room with PC or the network cables
    6. While registering, be accommodated at a dormitory of Technical University of Kosice
    7. Not to have any debts to the Student Councils and PCKlub
    8. Abide the copyright on the works shared to the third parties on the Internet
    9. Use software to restrict the infection of user PC by a computer virus or other infection (spyware etc.)
  6. Network activity of the users on the Network is being monitored and might be recorded with the purpose of protection of the Network and used as a proof of disobeying these Operation Rules
  7. PCKlub and Student Councils of Technical University of Kosice reserve the right to send bulk e-mails to the Users of the Network
  8. On special occasions (e.g. the request from school in connection with working on thesis or the research project), there is a possibility to be granted by PCKlub temporary exception from the Operation Rules, but at most for one semester
  9. 9. In case of disobeying some of the points of Operation Rules will the user be punished depending on the gravity of the subject of disobedience, with one of the following sanctions or penalties resp. their combination by the paragraph 10
  10. For disobeying of Operation Rules of the Network, PCKlub members can administer following penalties:
    1. Blocking of the access to the Internet (e.g. after overstepping the quota, downloading torrents)
    2. Blocking of the user account on the server (e.g. in case of long-term load put on the server, attempt to get privilege mode, attack on the server Alf or other PC/server)
    3. Disconnection of the User computer from the Network for one month
    4. Disconnection of the User computer from the Network for one semester from discovery of disobedience of Operation Rules (e.g. in case of discovering NAT, connection of the devices unallowed by PCKlub etc.)
    5. Long-term disconnection of the User from the Network, including losing all the rights of the user (only with the agreement of the Student Council of the dormitory)
    6. Disciplinary action on the level of Student Council of the said Dormitory
    7. In some cases, PCKlub can reduce or drop the sanctions or the penalties to conditional, forgive sanction or penalty, or with the exception of the points e,f of this paragraph, change the character of sanction or penalty after the agreement with the punished to community service for PCKlub or Student Council of dormitory.
  11. PCKlub reserves the right to judge the disobedience of the Operation Rules of Network individually.
  12. PCKlub doesn’t take the responsibility for the damages created by the Network malfunction or its part resp. some network service
  13. PCKlub doesn’t take the responsibility for abiding of the copyright on the works, which are shared on the public places accessible by other users of the network, or on the local PC’s or on the servers used to store data.
  14. PCKlub reserves the right for changing the Operation Rules without any previous notice.


  1. Wi-Fi is just accessory service to the Ethernet (cable) connection to the registered PC, meaning that it’s not possible to connect more devices to the Network
  2. Cable and wireless connection at the same time is not allowed for the operation reasons
  3. With the Wi-Fi it’s possible to connect to the Network only in case if the cable of registered PC is disconnected.
  4. Wi-Fi network has restricted access to the internet, meaning that not all the ports are allowed. The restriction is on account of stopping overloading of the line with unnecessary data traffic as torrents and such.

Košice, 13. 9. 2017

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