Jedlíkova 13
About dormitory

About dormitory

Student dorm at Jedlíkova 13 is the smallest one among other dorms of Technical University. Surrounding of the dorm is full of green, where students and visitors can sit in the arbor and relax. Very close is a bus stop, from where you can get to downtown. As well not far off is a shopping center Optima.


  • Students – 376 beds,
  • Guests – 10 beds.


We offer accommodation in two five-storey blocks, connected by a spacious lobby. On each floor is a renovated kitchen equipped with cooker and microwave. A big advantage for our dorm is that each box has its own restroom, bathroom, refrigerator, another advantage is a balcony in every box. Our feature is that foreign students and exchange programs ERASMUS, IAESTE, AIESEC and CEEPUS are staying with us, what gives an ideal opportunity of making communication and friendship among young people from all over the world. We are the only one dorm providing accommodation for student couples with children. As for the students, we provide accommodation for all faculties and levels of study within TUKE.

Student accommodation: The accommodation is a box, it means that in the box there are two double rooms with standard amenities.

Guest accommodation: 3 guest boxes with a capacity of 10 beds. Amenities: TV, radio, microwave, kettle, fridge and internet.


  • studying room equipped with wifi
  • gym, fitness and relaxation room
  • playroom for kids and a multifunctional hall – Cinema
  • laundry, drying rooms
  • large lobby with table tennis
  • bicycle stand, arbor and barbecue renting
  • parking and non-stop service at the reception
  • renting of ironing board, iron, vacuum cleaner
  • camera security system


Using of electrical equipment

Connect electrical appliances and equipment with higher power consumption, for example fastcooker, to an outlet that is in the bathroom or in the corridor, because living rooms are not equipped with electrical wiring for appliances with high power consumption and there is a risk of wiring damage which can lead to fire.

Bed sheets exchange

If your bed sheets are borrowed from the Dormitory, at least once a month you have a chance to exchange them for clean ones. Exchange takes place in the office and you will be informed about it in prior at the bulletin board, located at the reception, or at Do not forget to take an accommodation card with you.

My room

Your box consists of two living rooms, corridor, bathroom and a restroom. Each room contains 2 standard beds, table, 2 chairs, 2 bedside tables, a shelf and food locker. Of course there are also electric sockets and sockets for connecting to the Internet. In the corridor for each student there is a closet. Part of the corridor is a fridge. Every room in the dormitory has its own balcony. That benefit will appreciate students who enjoy learning in the fresh air, or summer sunbathing.

At each floor is fully equipped kitchen, where you can find cooker and microwave. You have an opportunity to warm up food or prepare a meal. Kitchen is not locked and accessible to all students. It is strictly forbidden to leave a mess, garbage and dirty dishes at the kitchen, also is necessary to turn off the stove when you leave.

What to pay attention to

Keep amenities of all the rooms in the condition as if it was yours. If you are the lucky one and you’ve got a new refrigerator, do not place hot and heavy things on it. Surface of the refrigerator is from plastic and it is very easy to damage. In that case you will have to compensate for the damage. In case if you have plastic windows, try not to break them and to prevent defects. If you find that plastic windows are broken or difficult to close inform the reception.

Do not give keys to anyone and do not copy them! It is very important for you to know the person with who you live. Do not let a stranger to sleep in your room!

At the room it is strictly forbidden to keep pets like dogs, cats, pigs.

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