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Quota system

Quota system

The quota system was introduced 31.05.2006 and was updated 6.12.2010 and 26.09.2015 to following:

The quota is being applied to one IP address, it summarizes WiFi and Ethernet traffic from one userpanel device. It measures amount of data transferred through link between the dorm and the university both ways (download + upload) 24/7.

The limit is 12 228 MB (per week). Amount of transferred data is added to quota counter and 6 MB is substracted every 5 minutes (6 MB/5 min => 72,2 MB/hour => 1746,8 MB/day => 12 228 MB/week). Between 00:00 and 08:00 and during weekends only half of transferred data is being added.

Transfers from following servers are not counted into quota:

  • , ,

Data transferred from other school servers (* are counted into quota.

In case of exceeding the limit, these restrictions will immediately apply:

  • from 12 228 MB to 12 300 MB: speed is reduced to 56kB/s
  • from 12 300MB to 12 800MB: speed is reduced to 33kB/s
  • from 12 800MB to 13 000MB:speed is reduced to 19kB/s
  • above 13 000MB: block from accessing outer network except above listed servers that are not counted into quota

These restrictions will vanish immediately after the quota counter decreases below the limit.

Of course, Dormitory network rules will also be considered.

Therefore, please use the Internet wisely, try to schedule larger data transfers for night hours, when they also tend to be faster. In case of questions write to userpanel‘s section helpdesk or mail to

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