Jedlíkova 13


I got stuck in the elevator…
First of all, there’s no need to panic. On the control panel, you’ll find a button which, when pressed, will start the elevator bell ringing. Listen out, see if anyone happens to be walking by and try to contact them. If you see that the elevator is stuck and there are people in it, tell the receptionist immediately.

A neighbour is making noise.
If this is beyond the limits of what you can bear, contact the J13 Student Police on 0948 128 668 or report it to the porter’s lodge. The dormitory is also quiet at night after 10pm. It is forbidden to make noise or play loud music after this time. The J13 Student Police may impose appropriate sanctions for non-compliance with this policy.

I blew a circuit breaker.
In the event of a power outage due to improper use of electrical equipment and blown circuit breakers, you may trip the breakers in your room yourself; they are located above the front door to your room. However, unplug all appliances before doing so. If there are tripped circuit breakers in the hallway or even throughout the block, you must report this to the receptionist.

I’m having problems with my roommate.
If your roommate is being a thug, intentionally making a mess, violating common sense, ignoring your requests, or ignoring your needs for proper living together, it is advisable to report it to the Housing Department, which will investigate the problems. If the limits of tolerance are exceeded, contact the J13 Student Police immediately on 0948 128 668.

My fridge has broken down.
If it has stopped freezing or even leaked, first make sure there is no ice in it. Also, the fridge needs to be kept clean and defrosted regularly. If, even after defrosting or attempting to unplug and plug it back in, it still doesn’t work, it should be reported to the receptionist as soon as possible.

Overflowing tap. Overflowing toilet. The flush has broken. Clogged drain…
In all and similar cases, the fault must be reported immediately to the receptionist and recorded in the fault book for maintenance.

My neighbour flooded me.
It is necessary to notify the neighbour immediately and, in case of a fault, to write the matter down in the fault book for maintenance. In case of repeated heating, notify the accommodation department.

I am a smoker where I can smoke.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the J13 student housing areas. Smoking areas are reserved outside the entrance to the J13 Student Housing, where there is an ashtray and benches. If you violate the ban, you will be immediately sanctioned 50 housing points. In the event of repeated violations, more severe sanctions will be imposed.

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