Jedlíkova 13
Public spaces

Public spaces

Student dorm J13 offers for students public spaces for chilling. Already at the entrance you have noticed a spacious hall with a sofa at the ground level. Exactly there are taking place cultural and social events organized by the student council J13 for people who are accommodated here. It is a perfect place to meet new people, make contacts and friendships. Also there are two ping-pong tables, you can use them at any time. Equipment for playing you can take the reception after giving ISIC.

At the hall you will find also entrance to the former dormitory bar, which however, is not currently open. The Student Council can allow you to use the bar for small celebrations. Former bar is also used for sport events where you can support your favorite team with other sport fans. Sport events are announced couple days before at the message board and website.

In case you cannot focus on studying in your room you can go to any of 2 studying rooms. They are located on the 4th floor of block 6 and the 3rd floor of block 5. There, you can also connect your laptop to the Internet.

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