On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, at 6 pm, ALL THE CLOTHES that will not be: being washed in washing machines, drying on the cords in the dryer, drying on a separate dryer, will be removed from the J13 laundry room and the J13 drying room, and then donated to charity.   That’s why the J13 Student Council asks you to: take away all the laundry from the laundry room and drying room, that are not currently being washed/dried, bring to the laundry rooms and drying rooms clothes that you would like to donate for charity. Sincerely Student Council J13

Violation rules of PC Club

Yaroslav Vovk violated operating rules of PCklubu, specifically point 5.h “The user is Obliged to observe the copyrighted work.” As a result of repeated violation of this regulation is user locked out for 14 days.

Gyms at Jedlíkova 7

As in previous years, gyms T1 and T2 at Jedlíková 7 are available  according to the following schedule: In case of interest it is necessary to book in advance at the  Student Council President Mail: Tel.: 0948 685 255