Keeping your rooms and living clean

Juraj Rusnák ( head of accommodation department Jedlikova 13) gave us a document with a brief information about keeping our living spaces clean. Bellow you have a brief translation and the original version of the document.


It’s our duty to keep the hygiene in our facility. Not only in the areal and the common spaces, but also in the rooms where you are accommodated. Our goal is having these spaces in the condition which is the best for nice living and at the same time, that do not endanger the health of you and people around you. From our side I want to be sure, that we do everything to reach our goal mentioned above. That’s why I introduce out opinions and plans, to have a better understanding of our precautions. But without your help, even the best intentions and proposed solutions will be empty words.

The most common deficiencies (what to look out for):

  • Dirty floor ( spilled drinks, flocks of dust, traces of dirty shoes, . . . )
  • Garbage kept inside ( stinking and rotting bigger amount of garbage, PET bottles, . . . )
  • Leftovers on the table
  • Dirty fridge
  • Frozen freezer
  • Dirty sink ( limescale, mold, . . . )
  • Dirty toilet and shower ( mold, traces of urine on the floor, . . . )
  • Dirty balcony ( keeping the garbage on the balcony, bird droppings, . . . )

Recommendations for self-cleaning:

  • Sweep the floor circa every second day, wash the floor at least once a week
  • Keep the garbage in smaller bags and take them out at least every second day, or before weekend. The garbage shouldn’t be in front of the room on the common hallway
  • At least once a month defrost the freezer and wash it together with fridge
  • At least once a week wash the toilet, sink and shower


The original can be found here:

Hygiena- Oznam