Laundry and vacuum cleaner


As a student accommodated at SD J13 you do not have to take your dirty clothes home. Everything you can wash in laundry machines at the dorm. In total there are available 4 laundry rooms, 5/28, 5/48, 6/28 6/48. The process is simple. At the beginning of the semester during a pre-announced registration (Internet, Laundry, Fitness) you need to sign up and pay a fee for all services at J13, those money are used for maintenance and service. To open laundry rooms you need to use ISIC card, number of it must be entered during registration. If you don’t have ISIC card ask at the room 6/41 (at the same time you sign up for dorm services) for a long-term card to open laundry room. Also you have to pay € 2 deposit for the card. If you want to reserve laundry room simply click at web-site and select day and time, which you prefer the most. During the selected time you will be able to open laundry room with your ISIC.

Maximum laundry time for one student is 10 hours per week. Watch carefully for booked hours. In case of a violation or not keeping time frame your account might be blocked for a month without any possibility to do laundry.

For students, who used laundry room, are available 24 hours drying rooms. Entering can be requested for 15 minutes by clicking a link on a site Sušiareň.

In case you want to iron your clothes, you do not need to buy an iron. You can have it with the ironing board at the reception J13.

Vacuum cleaners
It is necessary to maintain your room clean. If needed, you can borrow a vacuum cleaner. Just go to the reception and give your ISIC card. After using a vacuum cleaner you can go back and take your card at the reception.