Registration for local network, fitness and laundry

If you are registered on Log in to Update/check your personal information Pay according to «Application for civil association» in -> Documents and payment receipt send to After processing the payment receipt we will connect you. Please print «Application for civil association» from –> Dokumenty and sign it. Put the first page in the box on reception and keep the second one for yourself. Customers who won’t submit the application in the box until 30.9. are going to be disconnected. If you are not registered on Register on according to the instructions on Read more »

Electricity outage information

Please, be aware that there will be scheduled maintenance on following days: 26.3.2019 (Tuesday) 27.3.2019 (Wednesday) 28.3.2019 (Thursday) 29.3.2019 (Friday) 1.4.2019 (Monday) The outage will be during the time-frame 7:50AM till 6PM.


On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, at 6 pm, ALL THE CLOTHES that will not be: being washed in washing machines, drying on the cords in the dryer, drying on a separate dryer, will be removed from the J13 laundry room and the J13 drying room, and then donated to charity.   That’s why the J13 Student Council asks you to: take away all the laundry from the laundry room and drying room, that are not currently being washed/dried, bring to the laundry rooms and drying rooms clothes that you would like to donate for charity. Sincerely Student Council J13

Tournament in Counter-Strike

PC Klub Jedlíkova 13 and Student Council Jedlíkova 13 are inviting you to 2v2 tournament in game Counter-Strike 1.6. Teams of two will fight on the most popular aim_, awp_ and fy_ maps. First three teams will be rewarded. Tournament will take place on Tuesday 28.11.2017 at Jedlíkovej 13 – in the study-room on block 6 4th floor or in the lobby, depending on how many people will sign up. Maximum capacity of tournament is 32 players, all players will bring their own PC’s and accessories. The network cables will be provided by PC Klub. Timetable of the tournament: 17:00 Read more »

Notification for students of TUKE and other Universities

For students of TUKE We are kindly asking all the students not to forget paying with the valid variable and specific symbols for accommodation in 2nd term. In case the information will be wrong, there will be sanctions (see your accommodation contract). For students of other Universities We ask students living in Student House J13 (UPJŠ, other universities) to come into the accommodation office Jedlíkova 5 to pick up their variable symbol, needed to pay their accommodation for 2nd term. Accommodation office is opened from 8.00 AM till 3.00PM.