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In case of connection problems don’t knock on the PCKlub members’ rooms, it won’t help with your problem. Report the problem through userpanel’s section HELPDESK or send mail to pcklub@j13.sk.


PCKlub, currently largest club of Student councils, was established in 1997 in dormitory Jedlíkova 9 and provides connection to computer network to students, employees and other housed people in TUKE dormitories.

They also provide connection to external organizations, schools and catering establishments in close cooperation with the university and academic network SANET. PCKlub consists of 6 clubs in dormitories Boženy Němcovej, Ferka Urbanka, Rampová, Jedlíkova 5, Jedlíkova 9 and Jedlíkova 13, which communicate together and help each other with problem solving.

Head of PCKlub J13:

Roman Baník
Room: 5/43
Position: head of PCKlub, sysadmin

Members of PCKlub J13:

Nadiia Bezerova
Room: 6/49
Position: technician

Barbora Sedlakova
Room: 5/43
Position: webmaster, technician

Ing. Stanislav Slovák, PhD.
Room: 5/43
Position: technician

Hoai Thuong Do
Izba: 6/45
Pozícia: technician

Oleksandra Zhukova
Room: 6/49
Position: movie master

Lukáš Koska
Room: 6/60
Position: technician

Dmytro Liupin
Room: 6/43
Position: technician

Oleksandr Shulha
Room: 6/22
Position: technician

External members of PCKlub:

Roman Vápeník
Position: technician

Ing. Emil Exenberger
Position: graphic designer

Tomáš Tarkanič
Room: 6/41
Position: programmer

Former members of  PCKlub:

Ing. Ján Hlad

Ing. Marcel Baláž

Ing. Róbert Bučko


Ing. Marek Malý

Ing. Igor Ščúr

Igor Ščur

Ing. Dominik Demeter, PhD.

Ing. Michal Kovalčík, PhD.

kovalcik 2_m
Juraj Čarnogurský

Juraj Čarnogurský

Ing. Martin Ignácz

Ondrej Kovac

Ing. Ondrej Kováč, PhD.

Ing. Martin Telepčák

Martin Telepčák

Bc. Oksana Ivanchenko

Oksana Natalenko

Ing. Tomáš Lovič

Ing. Michal Bukh