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Quota system [EN]

The system is valid from 31st May 2006 and it was actualised 6th December 2010 by the following rules: Quota system we can rename as a “per Computer”, because quota summarize total data quantity transferred through the line “dormitory-university”, from the Internet to computer in local network or in the opposite direction 24/7 during the whole term. Maximum limit of data quantity transferred to one computer id 8192 MB per one week. Quota is applied continuously, i.e. every 5 minutes is to counter “per computer” (an integer>=0) added, how much data for that one computer was transferred through the line, and if it is possible, about 2 MB is deducted (8192 MB / 1 week => 1,170.3 MB / day => 48.8 megabytes / hour => 4 megabytes / 5 minutes). During nights between 12p.m. and 8 a.m. and during weekends only half of transferred data is counted. To the quota are not counted data transferred from these servers: * , , *, Data transferred from others university servers, e.i. * are counted into quota. In case of exceeding the limit will be immediately and without notice applied following restrictions: * from 8,192MB to 8,500MB Line slows down to 56kB/s * from 8500MB to 9000MB Line slows down to 33kB/s * from 90000MB to 10000MB Line slows down to 19kB/s * over 10000MB access from the computer to local network is blocked, excluding servers which were mean in point 5. This will be applied until a data counter falls below the limit value, what will definitely happen sooner or later, since the counter one day falls down 1,170.3 megabytes Operating rules of network ŠD Jedlíkova will be taken into consideration as well. Please use possibility of Internet connection reasonably, larger transfers please realise during weekends or during night, when it also certainly go faster. We do not want to limit you because of quota system. For more information please contact us.
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